White color

It is just unbelievable how much social media and blogs and websites are stuffed with various offers of decoupage paints, glues, varnishes, patina pastes etc. All these stuff are expensive, so costs of one decoupage project could be very high and could affect the final price of the finished product and make sales harder. Because of all that we want to introduce you the acrylic or concrete paints. They are quality, easy to use and way cheaper but the final effect is no less spectacular then the effect you are going to achieve with professional decoupage paints.

As we said, here we want to introduce you acrylic or concrete paints. These are used for painting concrete, outside facades, swimming pools, floors and so on. They are very easy to find, available in small packs and the most important they are not expensive.

Interesting fact is that you can cover huge surfaces with small amount of paint, so it is going to last you forever. Also, the paint is very easy for drying, just a couple of minutes with hairdryer will finish the job, they are very hard, so removal is almost impossible. The paint is strong, so be careful, stains stay in place, you cannot remove them.

So, lets resume everything. This paint is strong, which makes it universal. It can be used on almost all kinds of materials: wood, leather, plastic, glass... on everything solid. The painting surface just has to be clean, otherwise paint will chip off. When it is completely dry it could be sanded, which is important because smoothness is main goal in item preparation.

Primary and Secondary colors, color mixing

Mixing colorsWhen we are talking about other paints you may need, except white, you need: red, yellow, blue and black. All other shades can be produced by mixing these five. Scientifically, in painting theory, black and white are not considering as colors. They just represent the amount of present light in the shades. That is how we distinguish for example light blue and navy blue, which contains much more black color than light blue. Also, red, yellow and blue are considered as primary colors and when you mix them you get secondary colors:

  • yellow and blue make green
  • red and blue make violet
  • red and yellow make orange

So, green, violet and orange are secondary colors.

Experience reveal us that secondary colors are not easy to get. especially violet and orange. They are very unstable and primary colors may prevail, so you can get odd yellow or blue and so on. On the other side, experience is needed to making desired shade and getting there is possible just by practicing. If you have quality cheap paints and time for learning you can any color. To help you getting there, we provided a color mixer. It is very useful tool but have in mind that mixing colors is not an exact science and results depend on many factors. This tool just helps you to learn basic principles of colors mixing.

Please, use the first one


Click on the paints and mix on. Reset button brings you one step backward and click on the mixing area brings you to the beginning and you can start again.

This tool can help you a lot to determine how much color you need over another. For example, if you want to make brown color and if you count color amount in drops, you can see that you need 3 drops of red, 2 of yellow and 1 of blue. You can play with this as much as you want and the greatest thing is that you are learning how to mix colors. In some cases you may need black or white to get your desired shade. Also, be aware of drying. When the paint drys out, it becomes a little bit lighter.

It is very useful to have a color spectrum next to you while you mix colors. It helps you to determine how many colors are participating in your goal shade. Sometimes is necessary to mix all five colors to get what you want.

Color spectrumRemember that black and white are just presence or absence of light. For example, if you want to make pink, you just need red and white color and you have to know that pink color contain a lot of brightness, so according to that you have to start with a lot of white into you are adding small amounts of red repeatedly. Sometimes you may need even a black to get what you want or need.

So, with some knowledge, color mixing tool, color spectrum and a little bit of practice you can make any shade you want. That brings your decoupaging skills and quality to a whole new level, which should increase sales.