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Decoupage art supplies: all about paints and color mixer

White color

It is just unbelievable how much social media and blogs and websites are stuffed with various offers of decoupage paints, glues, varnishes, patina pastes etc. All these stuff are expensive, so costs of one decoupage project could be very high and could affect the final price of the finished product and make sales harder. Because of all that we want to introduce you the acrylic or concrete paints. They are quality, easy to use and way cheaper but the final effect is no less spectacular then the effect you are going to achieve with professional decoupage paints.

As we said, here we want to introduce you acrylic or concrete paints. These are used for painting concrete, outside facades, swimming pools, floors and so on. They are very easy to find, available in small packs and the most important they are not expensive.

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How to decoupage: What do we need to start?

Many of these things you can find at home. Everything which is made of wood, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, etc., can be used for decoupage; so, to choose the first project, you do not need a lot of time and effort to find the perfect artifact – usually it is at your fingertips. When we are talking about materials used for decoupage they can be purchased in specialized stores, hobby shops or, if you do not have them in your town, or you just have a tiny budget, almost all that stuff you can find in local dyehouse; then, in the grandma's napkin collections; on the internet, etc.

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